Thursday, 23 August 2007

How To Make A Website

How to make a website

The whole process of how to make a website seems a simple one for me but looking at it from another perspective I can see how it must be quite confusing to those who have never done it before and who don't have 10 years of website building experience.

So here I will present you with a beginners overview on the process of making a website with your own domain name. (as opposed to using blogs or free webspace)


You need to purchase the domain name of your choice. (That is the name of the website like etc) Make sure you purchase it from a reputable company such as MindGenie or Host Fusion. These guys make it so very simple and explain the process from beginning to end.


You need to rent out space on a websever where you will keep your web pages and images. Unless you are planning on a mega site with thousands of webpages,or a site with a lot of video or audio content then you should be ok with contracting a fairly basic package. This should cost around $10 per week and would typically include around 100Gb of disk space and 1000Gb of monthly bandwidth with capacity to configure multiple email accounts.

Two reputable web hosting companies you might want to consider are and Lonex Web Hosting

How to make a Website:

Once you have either taken a complete package from one of the guys above or done it seprately, then you can move on to actually building your website.

There is a lot of software out there for beginners and you should bear in mind that you need the simplest one there is. Again website hosts such as supply you with FREE software to build your website. Through their control panel (somewhere where you can click to get an answer) you build your website in easy blocks.


The one thing you will need to have if you plan to learn how to make a website is plenty of time! A simple 5 minute job always turns out to be a 2 hour marathon because the internet is so interesting and always offers diversions.